HITBSecConf Listed in Top 10 Information Security Conferences of 2016


L33tdawg: We are super proud to have HITBSecConf included in this Top 10 list and look forward to welcoming everyone to our 7th annual event in Amsterdam in May!

In Part II of our 2015 Infosec Wishlist series, a number of security experts expressed their desire for the security community to renew its focus on collaboration, communication and unity in the New Year. To accomplish this goal, folks in information security will need to internalize this message and inject it into their dealings with one another. But how can we set this process in motion?

We feel that conferences are an excellent starting point. Indeed, these events are perfect for security personnel to share research, debate hot topics and learn from one another.

With this in mind, we have assembled a list of the top 10 conferences in the information security industry for 2016. We hope that everyone with the means and ability to attend these events will do so.

(Note: These conferences are organized alphabetically and are not ranked.)