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First set of #HITB2013AMS Presentations Promise 0-days and Crazy Exploits

posted onFebruary 21, 2013
by l33tdawg

The first set of 10 preesntations and 2 lab sessions scheduled for #HITB2013AMS have been announced and they're packed to the brim with hack-fu goodness! From the initial list, there's definitely going to be somethng for everyone with presentations on remotely hacking aircrafts to a full blown 0-day exploit affecting all versions of Microsoft Windows. In addition, all 4 members of the Evad3rs will also be presenting an inner look at the work that went into the Evasi0n iOS 6.1 jailbreak tool. #HITB2013AMS takes place at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam on the 10th and 11th of April and features keynotes by Bob Lord, Director of Information Security at Twitter and Edward Schwartz, Chief Information Security Officer at RSA. And what about the other goodies we mentioned? Take a look...

Page Fault Liberation Army Or Better Security Through Creative x86 Trapping

Sergey Bratus and Julian Bangert from Darthmouth University college explore the inner workings of x86 processors. While the rest of the world programs only the x86 CPU with the provided instructions, clever neighbours like the PaX team instead program the MMU (Memory Management Unit) to enforce security policy/ Sergey and Julian will show that the MMU is in fact a Turing-complete processor in its own right and demonstrate some tools that help to unleash its computational power.

SMS To Meterpreter: Fuzzing USB Internet Modems

Rahul Sasi of iSIGHT Partners focuses on an innovative new attack surface – USB Internet modems. He reviews the entire security architecture of USB data modems and the bugs found in various parsers and device drivers. In addition, he looks at the somewhat unexplored area of remote code execution via SMS.

Nifty Tricks and Sage Advice for Shellcode on Embedded Systems

Travis Goodspeed shows you how to write tiny shellcode that’s quickly portable to any variant of ARM, how to develop an embedded exploit without a debugger and how to blindly assemble a ROP (return-oriented programming) chain when you don’t even have the firmware image.

Orchestrating a Fire Sale: Bringing Dutch Alarm Systems to Their Knees

Wilco Baan Hofman provides an in-depth look at the SIA-HS and Vebon SecIP alarm system protocols in use in The Netherlands. He covers why these protocols are broken and how Dutch alarm systems can be rendered useless, creating panic at the alarm receiving centers and allows for a ‘Die Hard’ like scenario to be achieved.

Swiping Through Modern Security Features

Members of the elite Evad3rs jailbreak team including MuscleNerd, pod2g, planetbeing and pimskeks will be back in Amsterdam where they present their work on the iOS 6.1 public jailbreak, evasi0n, in which a total of 8 vulnerabilities in iOS were uncovered.

Exploiting Hardcore Pool Corruptions in Microsoft Windows Kernel

A technique of 100% reliable exploitation of kernel pool corruptions which covers all flavors of Windows from NT 4.0 to Windows 8.

How I Met Your Modem: Advanced Exploitation & Trojan Development for Consumer DSL Devices

An in-depth explanation of vulnerabilities found in consumer DSL devices which leads to a successful and reliable local and remote exploitation without user interaction.

Paparazzi Over IP

A newly discovered weakness in Canon cameras allows for complete control of the camera leading to an image stealing, Man-in-the-Imageflow.

SSRF PWNs: New Techniques and Stories

Server request forgery attacks – SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery) has been known since 2008, but only recently used in practical information security work. Vulnerabilities of this class gives the attacker the ability to send different requests on behalf of the server, which in turn allows you to bypass various network perimeter restrictions. Part of this presentation will be dedicated to the story of an SSRF-based total PWN of Yandex – a leading Internet company in Russia.

Aircraft Hacking: Practical Aero Series

This presentation will be a practical demonstration on how to remotely attack and take full control of an aircraft. Need we say more?

As mentioned earlier, the first two HITB Lab sessions have also been confirmed. These are intensive, 120 minute hands-on sessions for up to 60 participants only. 

Windows x64: The Essentials

Didier Stevens touches upon important differences between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows in this lab session, teaching you nifty tricks like how to develop and inject an x64 DLL, how to develop x64 shellcode, how to ‘break out’ of WoW64 and much much more. A must attend for all Windows hackers.

Hack Like It’s 2013

Itzik Kotler introduces you to Hackersh with Pythonect – a powerful new tool in your hacker arsenal. Pythonect is a new, free, and open source general-purpose dataflow programming language based on Python, written in Python. Hackersh is inspired by the UNIX pipeline, but takes it a step forward by including built-in features like remote invocation and threads. This 120 minute lab session will introduce Hackersh, the automation gap it fills, and its features.

Still haven’t registered for #HITB2013AMS? Better get going; conference seats are starting to fill up and prices increase after the 20th of March.



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