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HITB 2016: Zorko calls for greater cooperation in cyber-crime fight

posted onJune 1, 2016
by l33tdawg

Patricia Zorko, head of cyber-crime at the Dutch National Crime Squad, opened the 7th Hack in the Box conference on a humble note. Proclaiming herself “the least technical person in the room”, Zorko said, “I really want to emphasise that you are really a very important community.”

Her 34 years in policing have seen her don a number of hats. She's been a district commander, a policy adviser and a member of the riot squad.

These days a lot of her work focuses on “cyber-security and violent jihadism”, and taking that to a supra-state level. Although she holds the lofty title of the Dutch National Crime Squad's deputy national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism and director of cyber-security, she admits that much of this is new for her.



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