Hackers raid Verizon enterprise customer data, 1.5 million affected

If keeping our private data out of our government’s hands wasn’t trouble enough, we also have to be ever-vigilant against the online renegades who would seek to compromise our privacy for the sake of monetary gain. In a breaking security report by Brian Krebs, it appears that Verizon’s enterprise service have been hacked, and over 1.5 million accounts are affected. The cybercriminals are currently selling the data online in a “closely guarded underground cybercrime forum” for the asking price of $100,000.

Verizon Enterprise Solutions is a business that provides IT services to large companies. In a painfully ironic twist, one of the services they aim to provide is protection against large data breaches. This current attack is far-reaching, as fully 97 percent of Fortune 500 companies regularly use Verizon Enterprise Solutions for business.