Hackers hit Stratfor again, but this time just for laughs


The hackers behind the year-end attack on the security consulting firm Stratfor have struck again, although this time it appears they are just out for a few laughs.

Anonymous, (working with its Lulz Security partners under the "AntiSec" banner), sent phony emails to members of Stratfor's mailing list asking them to rate the company's "handling of the recent intrusion by those deranged, sexually deviant criminal hacker terrorist masterminds," SC Magazine reported. The emails appear to come from Stratfor's chief executive officer, George Friedman, and are titled "Rate Stratfor's Incident Response."

According to a University of Amsterdam network researcher who posted the message he received, the emails include a link to a list of stolen Stratfor data and email exchanges between Stratfor IT administrators and programmers after they detected suspicious network activity. Another link, in true "lulz" fashion, pranks users by taking them to the YouTube video for Rick Astley's 1980's hit (and Internet meme) " Never Gonna Give You Up."