Hacked HootSuite Accounts Used to Advertise Scammy Diet Websites on Twitter


Over the past few days, a large number of HootSuite accounts have been hacked and abused to spread links to shady miracle diet websites.

The hacked HootSuite accounts, including ones of celebrities, are used to send out messages on Twitter that read something like this: “get a free groupon of pure garcinia cambogia, according to groupon this stuff is great to stay healthy! [link]”

Another type of message reads: “Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract:What Do The Reviews Say? The Bethlehem Scoop on Pure Garcinia Cambogia. [link]”  The links from these posts point to two types of websites: bogus weight loss sites that advertise Garcinia Cambogia pills, or a fake Groupon page that offers deals on similar products.