Google Pwnium 4 Event Invites Hackers to Crack Chrome OS

Google will once again play host to the Pwnium hacking contest to draw star hackers and crackers out of the woodwork. Prizes up to $2.7 million total will go to anyone who can hack Chrome OS so Google can better patch specific exploits and issues. If you're up to the task, there are several cash prizes at stake, which you could take home as an individual or a member of a team.

Pwnium 4, as the challenge is affectionately known, will allow contestants to choose to hack Intel or ARM-powered laptops as they attempt to hack Chrome OS. Those who make the grade will be rewarded with $110,000 and $150,000 with big money going to those who can maintain control of the hacked systems even after rebooting and other fixes.

To qualify, winners must be able to provide the code they used to get the job done as well as point out the vulnerabilities they found while working. Seeing as last year Google planned on paying out a whopping total of $3.14159 million and only had to pay out $40,000 it's not likely much of this prize money is actually going to go out.