Google Introduces Kids to Coding Through Blockly Games Project

Google has unveiled a special collection of online Blockly Games that are built as playful ways to engage children in their first efforts at programming, and the search giant wants parents to help build the interest of their children.

"Looking for ways to engage your kids in constructive, meaningful learning?" wrote Jennifer Vaden Barth, a Google executive assistant, in an Aug. 11 post on the Google Research Blog. "We've just launched Blockly Games, our next extension of Blockly, a Web­-based graphical programming environment. As part of the generation of new programming environments that provide a more accessible introduction to coding, Blockly Games allows users to create and run programs by arranging blocks with a simple click, drag and drop."

The idea, she wrote, is to "encourage you and your child to explore Blockly Games, where novice programmers of any age begin to learn together. With your own Hour of Code, the whole family can learn and master basic computer science concepts."