Google Chrome 33 released, with better security

The new release proves controversial as Google tightens control over the browser to the anger of some users.

In terms of new features, version 33 is rather disappointing – despite debuting in the beta channel a few weeks ago, Google Now notifications have yet to make their way across to the stable channel. In fact, version 33 is little more than a bug-fix release, with 28 security fixes the only notable highlight.

Google Now notifications make it possible for users to receive timely reminders and other useful information such as travel updates, news and the latest weather reports. Notifications were already rolled out to iOS and Android builds, and are steadily making their way to Windows, Mac and Chromebook, although at the present time users need to be running Google Chrome Beta to access the feature (type chrome://flags/#enable-google-now into the Address Bar and switch it to Enabled). Look for a bell-shaped icon in the Taskbar’s Notification area or menu bar to confirm Google Now is running.