Google awards $60,000 prize for Chrome hack

L33tdawg: For more details on Pinkie Pie's exploit as well as insight to Google's bug bounty program, take a look at Chris Evan's presentation slides from #HITB2012KUL

Google is one of a growing number of companies to offer a "bug bounty" to hackers who can find security issues in its products -- and on Wednesday, a teenager scored the top $60,000 prize for uncovering a vulnerability in the Chrome browser.

It's the second time that the hacker, a teenage male who goes by the handle "Pinkie Pie," has taken home Google's money. Google fixed the problem with a software update about 10 hours after the bug was exposed, congratulating Pinkie Pie on "another beautiful piece of work."

Google's Pwnium 2 competition took place on Tuesday at a conference called Hack in the Box, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pinkie Pie again took home $60,000 for his fresh exploit, which relied entirely on bugs within Chrome itself. He appears to be the only top-prize winner, as Google's Chromium blog announcement didn't mention any other hackers.