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GhostShell claims breach of 1.6M accounts at FBI, NASA, and more

posted onDecember 11, 2012
by l33tdawg

Hacktivist campaigners Team GhostShell claim to have stolen accounts from a number of organisations including NASA, ESA, the Pentagon and the Federal Reserve.

In "#ProjectWhiteFox", what the team says will be their last project for the year, the hackers appear to have targeted and stolen database records from companies and organizations including NASA, Bigelow Aerospace, Aerospace Suppliers, World Airport Transfers, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and a defense contractor for the Pentagon. The team claims that the latest campaign has resulted in the leak of 1.6 million accounts and records from different industry players.

The file dump, upon closer inspection, seems to include a number of records obtained via SQL injection. A random selection of the files contain email and home addresses, defense material tests and analysis notes, mailing lists, passwords and names. In addition, some file dumps also include administrator email addresses and accompanying passwords, telephone numbers, hashed passwords and database details of company suppliers in the aerospace and oil industries.



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