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The future of macOS security: Baked-in protection and third-party tools

posted onJuly 18, 2017
by l33tdawg

Anyone in the information security industry who’s interested in Mac security probably knows who Patrick Wardle is. Apart from being Chief Security Researcher at Synack, he’s also the creator of a number of security tools for macOS, which he makes available for free on his Objective-See project site.

He has recently scaled back at his traditional 9-to-5 job so that he could dedicate more time and energy to pursuing his passions: to create new free macOS security tools that will hopefully be viable alternatives to paid commercial products, continue to improve those tools he already made, continue to report macOS vulnerabilities to Apple, and to blog about all things related to macOS security (malware, vulnerabilities, OS internals).

I had the pleasure of meeting Wardle in person at this year’s edition of Hack In The Box Amsterdam, and we got talking about Mac security, his work and plans for the future.



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