Evidence Suggests the Sony Hackers Are Alive and Well and Still Hacking


The massive hack against Sony in late 2014 was sudden and loud. The perpetrators made themselves known four days before Thanksgiving with a red skull emblazoned on computer screens company-wide and an ominous warning that they were about to spill Sony secrets.

A few days later they began to leak what they claimed was more than 100 terabytes of stolen data, including damaging emails and sensitive employee data. The scorched earth attack left Sony crippled for months after the attackers also destroyed data and systems on their way out the digital door, rendering some Sony servers inoperable in a move that cost the company an estimated $35 million in IT infrastructure repairs.

But a month later, after the US government blamed North Korea for the hack and some observers began calling the breach an act of terrorism, the attackers suddenly went silent. Or did they?