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DMV says personal information not compromised in security breach

posted onMay 26, 2005
by hitbsecnews

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is investigating a case where a former employee at the Department of Motor Vehicles allegedly tried to get Social Security numbers of nearly 4 million driver's license holders in North Carolina.

In February, the unidentified DMV contract worker, who no longer works for the DMV, downloaded the addresses of 3.8 million people, but was caught before he was able to get Social Security numbers, investigators said.

The DMV contended Wednesday that its security measures worked and the breach was stopped before personal information could be compromised.

The DMV computerizes personal information for each of North Carolina's 6.6 million licensed drivers. The state holds enough personal information, such as driver's license numbers, birth dates and Social Security numbers, for fraud to be committed.

"You should definitely be concerned," said computer security expert Chris Hurley. "This is your personal information."

Hurley said that the top database priority is typically blocking outside hackers. Monitoring workers with access creates far more challenges, he said.



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