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Ditch Your Smartphone Keyboard For Gboard

posted onJanuary 29, 2018
by l33tdawg

Whether on Android or iOS, you likely already use Google Maps for navigation. You use Gmail for email. You use YouTube to watch videos. And you’re right to do so. You’d be even more right to ditch whatever junk keyboard your smartphone shipped with for Gboard, another Google staple that works like a dream.

Lots of Android devices—including the Pixel line of premium phones—already use Gboard by default. It's been widely available to download for a year and a half. But if you have an iPhone, or a Samsung Galaxy, or anything else that doesn’t live up to the high quality swipe-type experience that your fingers deserve, it’s time for an upgrade.

But my keyboard’s fine, you say, which, maybe, sure. But since when did you settle for fine? Fine is an ice cream sundae with no sprinkles. It’s a movie trailer without that bwoooom sound. And it’s a smartphone keyboard that doesn’t let you search for just the right emoji by drawing it.



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