Cybersecurity In 2013: CISPA Bill, Obama Executive Order May Counteract Chinese Cyber Hacking Spree

The White House and Congress are said to be planning new cybersecurity legislation, rumored to be announced this week, as intelligence reports suggest a cyberespionage campaign is taking aim at the country’s economic competitiveness.

The National Intelligence Estimate cited China as the main country responsible for hacking into secure U.S. institutional and business computer networks to obtain data or information illegally for financial gain. The current attempt to breach U.S. computer security is so large, in fact, the Washington Post calls the endeavor “massive and sustained.”

In addition to China, the National Intelligence Estimate named three other nations -- Russia, France and Israel -- that have hacked U.S. computer networks in their search for economic or corporate intel, but, according to the classified report, the three countries' activities don’t come close to matching China’s efforts. Numerous industries have been affected by cyberespionage over the past five years including the energy, finance, information technology, aerospace and automotive sectors, the Washington Post reported.