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Canadian 'Anonymous' hacker gets caught after bragging on Twitter

posted onApril 18, 2012
by l33tdawg

We imagine that one of the hardest parts about being an ‘Anonymous’ hacker is remaining anonymous. We’re not talking about shielding your identity from authorities, as they seem to have that pretty wrapped up, we mean not bragging to folks that you’re one of the masterminds behind the mayhem. Seems a few hackers struggle with just that – like Anonymous hacker, John Anthony Borell III. He got sloppy on Twitter and now he’s in a world of trouble for it. 

The Toledo Blade tells us that 21 year-old John Anthony Borell III, of Toledo, Ohio was arraigned Monday in federal court in Salt Lake City. He has been charged with hacking into the websites of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association and the Salt Lake City Police Department, then taking credit for the attacks on Twitter, according to a federal indictment. The two counts of computer intrusion, prosecutors say, consisted of Borell intruding on the chiefs’ website server Jan. 19, and then breaking into the police department’s website Jan. 31. The administrator of the Utah chiefs’ website estimates the group spent $150,000 to mitigate the attack.



Anonymous Hackers Canada

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