Bow down to your new hacker overlords

Anonymous, move over. WikiLeaks, take a hike. There's a new uber hacking/whistleblowing group in town with some serious game and a wicked cool name that's putting you both to shame.

The Lords of Dharmaraja is the group behind the theft of Symantec's Norton AntiVirus source code from India's intelligence agencies. It's also the group that claims to have broken into the servers of India's embassy in Paris last summer. Now it's released a bombshell memo that appears to document collusion between the world's largest makers of smartphones and India's spy services.

Security researcher Chris Soghoian was poring over some of the government documents posted last month by the Lords and noticed a chilling detail: a reference to back doors built into phones made by RIM, Nokia, and Apple that appear to allow India's spook community to spy on smartphone users at will.