Big names of the jailbreak scene unite again to work on iOS 6 as 'Evad3rs Dev Team'

L33tdawg: In related news, @pod2g announced yesterday on Twitter: "We have submitted our paper to #HITB2013AMS. Crossing fingers. Title: Swiping through modern security features." followed by "'We' is actually: @planetbeing, @pimskeks, @MuscleNerd, and I."

The big names of the iOS jailbreak scene have come together as the Evad3rs Dev Team to work on iOS 6 jailbreak.

@pod2g, @MuscleNerd, @Planetbeing and @pimskeks are the founding members of the Evad3rs. The group was part of the iOS Dream Team of hackers responsible in large part for the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak last year. The team is not taking donations towards their efforts on the iOS 6 jailbreak. The group launched the @evad3rs twitter account which will likely be where the iOS 6 jailbreak release is announced.