Assange at SXSW: 'Who really wears the pants in the administration?'

Julian Assange doesn’t use the blustering rhetoric you might expect from the founder of the activist publishing group WikiLeaks. Assange is responsible for leaking documents that have changed America’s political landscape— State Department cables and Iraq War logs—yet to a South by Southwest audience on Saturday, he spoke quietly and matter-of-factly even when uttering the most inflammatory statements.

“Who really wears the pants in the [Obama] administration?” Assange asked during a Skype call with the SXSW audience. “Is it the intelligence agencies or is it the civilian part of that administration?”

The obvious answer from Assange’s perspective: The National Security Agency runs the show and would dig up any and all of President Obama’s buried skeletons to force him out of office if he tried to disband the surveillance agency.