Apple job posting hints that future iMac versions could use AMD Radeon graphics

While Apple has stuck for a while with Intel for the processors powering its Mac desktops and laptops -- though who knows for how much longer -- it has had a habit of flip-flopping on graphics cards that go inside its systems. At the moment, Nvidia is the vendor of choice, but a new job posting suggests that Apple could be ready to switch again.

According to TechEye, Apple is looking for electrical engineers to work for its Mac Desktop Systems Engineering team. In the posting on Apple's job site, key qualifications include not only experience working with Intel chipsets, but also "AMD and/or Nvidia GPUs." This has set off alarms among Mac fanboys, as the brand-new iMac offers either Nvidia GeForce GT 650M or GeForce GTX 680MX graphics inside; the latest Mac Minis use integrated Intel graphics.