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AntiSec warns of pending attack. Who's next?

posted onJuly 11, 2011
by l33tdawg

Shortly after the hackers with the AntiSec online activist campaign announced the release of about 90,000 military e-mail addresses and other data purloined from Booz Allen Hamilton, AntiSec followers on Twitter were anticipating a second data dump.

The Twitter account of someone believed to be a main operative in the AntiSec hacking campaigns, AnonymouSabu, warned on Sunday: "ATTN: Tomorrow will be two of the biggest releases for Anonymous in the last 4 years. Everyone brace. This is literally explosive.."

After the Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) release, AnonymouSabu tweeted: "ATTN Intelligence Community: BAH Is just the beginning. #antisec #anonymous busy all day today. BBL" In the United Kingdom, The Guardian speculated that a possible target was the Metropolitan police over allegations from last week that representatives of the News of the World's hacked into phone accounts of news subjects, including celebrities, politicians, and a murder victim, and listened to voice messages, as well as made payments to the police.



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