Adobe: Flash will flourish despite Windows 8

Microsoft just declared that browser plug-ins' best days are behind them, but Adobe is working hard to disprove the notion with its Flash Player.

Flash, the most widely used browser plug-in, will be barred from the new "Metro" version of Internet Explorer 10 that will ship with Windows 8, IE team leader Dean Hachamovitch announced last night during the company's Build conference. In response, Adobe pointed out that Flash will still work with the more traditional "desktop" interface--but also that the company has other plans for staying relevant.

"If you look a year out, there will be important differences between what you can do in a pure HTML world vs. what you can do in Flash," Danny Winokur, vice president of the Flash runtime, said in an interview today. "Windows desktop is going to remain a fundamentally important part of Windows. By the same token, Flash will remain an important part of Web experiences for years to come."