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700,000 kroner stolen in NemID attack

posted onFebruary 13, 2012
by l33tdawg

Hackers have broken into the online banking accounts of eight Danske Bank customers and stolen approximately 700,000 kroner.

The attacks were confirmed yesterday in a press release from Nets, the company behind the NemID digital signature for online banking.

According to Nets, the hackers tricked the account holders into installing spy software, called malware, onto their computers which the hackers used to monitor the actions of the customers in real time. These ‘real time phishing’ attacks, as they are known, allowed the criminals to steal the customers’ user IDs, passwords and keys from their NemID key card. The criminals managed to transfer about 700,000 kroner to foreign bank accounts using the information, though the customers will not lose any money as they were all protected against fraud.



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