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Apple's next, probably-iPad-focused event happens October 22

posted onOctober 8, 2013
by l33tdawg

"Sources familiar with the matter" are telling AllThingsD that Apple's next product announcement will be taking place on October 22 and that the event will likely focus on new iPads, the Mac Pro, and OS X 10.9 Mavericks. AllThingsD has a strong track record when it comes to Apple news (the publication correctly predicted the company's September 10 iPhone event), and the date would make sense given the iPad-focused announcements Apple made in October of 2012. If Apple's scheduling is the same as it normally is, look for official invitations to go out at some point next Tuesday.

Don't let me down, Apple: iOS 7 on the iPad 2

posted onSeptember 20, 2013
by l33tdawg

My iPad is scarcely two and a half years old, but in the last month or so, it’s started to show signs of senility. I could peck out maybe 20 letters on the keyboard before the device realized I was typing, Safari crashed at the merest whiff of a GIF, and there were some YouTube videos it wouldn’t react to at all, instead opting to stare me dumbly in the face with a loading pinwheel. Naturally, it was time to throw a whole new operating system at it.

App turns old iPhones, iPads into a home security system

posted onAugust 21, 2013
by l33tdawg

Setting up a home security system can involve buying expensive cameras, covering installation costs, and paying a monthly service fee.

Entrepreneur Gene Wang began searching for a more cost effective way to protect his mother's house after it was burglarized twice in one year. This lead to the development of the Presence app, a free iOS app that turns old Wi-Fi-enabled Apple devices into home security cameras.

Weev sentenced for over three years after stealing iPad data

posted onMarch 19, 2013
by l33tdawg

A computer hacker has landed in jail for three years and five months after stealing data from iPads belonging to approximately 120,000 users.
hacker us sentence ipad users

Apple's iPad found itself the hacker's target through infiltrating the AT&T network, Reuters reports. Not only were normal United States citizens affected, but New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Harvey Weinstein and TV news anchor Diane Sawyer also bore the brunt of the attack.

iPad still dominates tablets, but Android grabs market share

posted onNovember 28, 2012
by l33tdawg

 Apple's iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, but Google's Android appears to be taking a bite out of Apple's market share.

The iPad lineup made up 55 percent of tablet shipments in the third quarter, according to data released today by ABI Research, a 14 percent decline from the second quarter and its lowest level since the iPad's introduction two years ago.

JFK worker who helped steal 3600 iPad minis nabbed by FBI

posted onNovember 19, 2012
by l33tdawg

 Justice has prevailed! The FBI has arrested a worker at New York's JFK airport who acted as a lookout for a pair of accomplices who stole 3,600 iPad minis last week. Renel Rene Richardson (not to be confused with René Ritchie of was arrested after co-workers told Port Authority detectives that he had made inquiries about when the iPad minis were supposed to arrive, as well as where he might get a forklift.