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Singapore vows to hunt down Anonymous hackers

posted onNovember 7, 2013
by l33tdawg

Singapore will "spare no effort" to hunt down hackers from activist group Anonymous who last week threatened to wage a cyber war against the government, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Wednesday.

Lee told reporters the city-state had also strengthened its defences against such attacks.

Anonymous Philippines pledges more cyber attacks

posted onNovember 5, 2013
by l33tdawg

Some 100 masked members of the hacking group Anonymous Philippines marched on parliament on Tuesday, denouncing corruption and pledging more cyber attacks, a week after 30 government websites were paralysed.

The hackers — wearing Guy Fawkes masks — faced off with dozens of riot police outside the House of Representatives in suburban Quezon city north of Manila, blocking the road and bringing traffic to a standstill for around an hour.

Indonesian 'Anonymous' hackers deface scores of Australian websites in revenge over spying

posted onNovember 4, 2013
by l33tdawg

Hackers claiming to be part of the ‘hacktivist’ collective Anonymous have responded to Edward Snowden’s latest revelations about the NSA using Australian embassies to spy in Asia – by defacing the websites of scores of small Australian businesses.

A group calling itself Anonymous Indonesia replaced the front pages of over 200 websites with the .au address and the message “Stop spying on Indonesia!,” along with a selection of images of varying offensiveness.

Singapore government agencies on alert after Anonymous hackers threaten attacks

posted onNovember 1, 2013
by l33tdawg

Government agencies have been put on alert after someone claiming to be part of the global hacker group Anonymous posted an online video threatening to hit out at the country's infrastructure.

The Straits Times learnt that the Government IT Security Incident Response Team - set up to coordinate responses to a cyber intrusion - alerted all government agencies after the video was posted on YouTube on Tuesday, warning of possible hacks to bring down government websites.

Anonymous Leaked Hundreds of Hacked FEMA Email Addresses

posted onJuly 18, 2013
by l33tdawg

Anonymous breached FEMA servers and pulled information on hundreds of agency contacts worldwide. According to the hacker collective, it was in response to Homeland Security training exercises that centered on a fictional version of the hacker collective. In a document containing non-sensitive data pulled from FEMA's system, Anonymous wrote that the attack was designed as a reminder that it would continue to fight against government efforts to police the internet.