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2600 magazine-sponsored event kicks off with pwning session

posted onJuly 21, 2008
by hitbsecnews

Reports are coming in about the sessions held at the Last HOPE (Hacking on Planet Earth) event held in New York City in recent days.

One of the most interesting sessions was from a hacker calling himself Renderman, who revealed - amongst other tings - how most people are at risk of a security breach, but are blissfully unaware of it. According to Renderman, the problem stems from the use of default passwords on Bluetooth and WiFi devices. The situation is so bad, he said, that he recommends peeps turn off their WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled devices when not in use. As well as changing the default password.

Interestingly, Renderman says that it's even possible to remote scan a new-style US passport with its passive RFID chip. The US government, he said, has attempted to reduce the problem by placing a metal foil layer on the front and back cover of the passports, but the stiffness of the foil pop the passport open, allowing hackers sideways access to the chip.



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