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Beware wireless hacking

posted onApril 24, 2006
by hitbsecnews

SECURITY experts are warning internet users of a new threat to their computer systems, with thieves gaining access to other people's broadband from unsecured wireless networks in homes and businesses.

Known as "leaching", the unusual form of theft involves neighbours and passers-by logging on to a home or business wireless network and surfing the web for free. The consequences can range from slower download speeds to massive bills for unsuspecting network owners.

Market research firm IDC estimates there are more than 200,000 wireless networks operating in homes around Australia, increasing the opportunities for sneak thieves.

Stealing internet access has also become easier. Thieves need only a tiny wireless card for their laptop computer. L33tdawg: For those of you in Malaysia or Singapore, don't forget about the War Driving Kuala Lumpur 2-day wireless security training and war driving session that's happening in June. There are only 9 seats left and registrants will also get a FREE SEAT to HITBSecConf2006 - Malaysia, our 6th deep-knowledge security conference! It's going to be rockin'!




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