Windows doesn't top the vulnerability list for 2015, but Microsoft as a whole does

Software vulnerabilities are a daily event it seems, but some systems just have more of them. When we think of this a couple of names usually spring to mind -- Flash and Java. However, according to the new list being published by CVE Details, they aren't quite at the top, nor is Microsoft's oft-maligned operating system.

Basing its numbers on "distinct" vulnerabilities, the security firm has released its top 50 naughty list of 2015. Leading the way was, in fact, Apple, which claimed the top two spots -- Mac OS X with a number of 384 vulnerabilities, closely followed by iPhone OS (or iOS as most people like to call it) with 375.

Take heart though, as Flash finished a (dis)respectful third with 314 vulnerabilities. Actually Adobe occupies places three through six, as Air didn't fare much better than Flash. Java landed much further down the list with JRE and JDK in 29th and 30th place respectively.