tvOS 9.2 beta introduces folders and restores Bluetooth keyboard support

Apple's biggest beta release of the day was iOS 9.3, but Apple's other software platforms all got some love, too—watchOS 2.2, tvOS 9.2, and OS X 10.11.4 are all available for brave users to test. The tvOS update is the most interesting of these three, since tvOS 9.0 was missing quite a few features and tvOS 9.1 was mostly a bugfix release.

tvOS 9.2's new features are all versions of things that already exist in iOS 9 or in the old Apple TV operating system. The biggest is folder support, making it possible to organize your apps more like you do on your iPhone and iPad. Bluetooth keyboard support has been added, too—this was already available on the older Apple TVs, but for whatever reason it wasn't available in tvOS when it launched. It will primarily be useful as a means of text input, but it could also be useful for games or even productivity apps if more of those begin to show up in the tvOS App Store. The app switching UI has been tweaked, too—it used to be a horizontally scrolling switcher like the one in iOS 7 or 8, but it has been changed to a series of stacked cards like the switcher in iOS 9.