RSA Conference 2016: What's Old Security is New Again

RSA Conference 2016, the world's largest annual meetup of security professionals and product/service vendors, has opened its doors at Moscone Center in San Francisco and is expected to attract a record number of attendees Feb. 29 through March 3.

Conferences come and go with the changing trends, but RSA has been a survivor, because: a) it is run very well, with excellent speakers, seminars and panels; and b) it's in an attractive location; and c) security never goes away as a Tier 1 issue. When someone gets to the conference and sees the huge mass of international attendees that is expected to number more than the record 33,000 that came in 2015, it's hard to conceive that the event started in 1991 with about 100 people in a Hotel Sofitel (Redwood City, Calif.) conference room.

But it did, and Kurt Stammberger, founder of the event and now Chief Marketing Officer at Fortscale, remembers it well.