Pirates crack Windows XP Service Pack 1

Source: Vnunet

Hackers stay one step ahead yet again
Microsoft's efforts at making life difficult for pirates of its flagship Windows XP product have been thwarted yet again.
With the release of XP Service Pack 1 three days ago, the Redmond giant warned people using pirated versions of the operating system that they would not be able to install the upgrade.

But the pirates were one step ahead yet again, releasing a tool that could beat the protection system even before the service pack was available for download.

One techie site, Tweak Town, put up a downloadable tool and a guide explaining how to get round the 'obstacle' of being prevented from installing the upgrade.

"Let's face it, these users are already running an illegal copy of Windows. Can further harm really be done?" the website said.

"Depending on how you look at it, there are two answers to this question. Let's continue anyway, even with the possibility of Microsoft pulling a knife to my throat."


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Can anyone help I bought windows xp and soon after had a problem with my machine so I reformatted my hard drive registering again. After a re-think I upgraded my processor and a new hard drive how do I get XP on the new system as Microsoft have been no help?

when format of hard drive has completed set the system bios to boot from the cd drive first then hard drive. XP setup will commence andyour done!!!!
your welcome,now it's my turn: does any1knowwhere i canget the actual XP activation crack??????????/


On a clean formatted disk you need to use the utility that is downloadable from the windows xp site.
Once downloaded(obviously on another machine) you run it and it will make a set of six boot floppies.
You then use these to boot the other computer into setup.