Only Your Heartbeat Can Unlock This Bitcoin Wallet

Soon, you’ll have the option of locking your bitcoin wallet with your heartbeat.

A Canadian startup says it’s just a few months from shipping the Nymi, a wristband that can learn the unique sound of your heartbeat and use it to open and close your bitcoin wallet.

A bitcoin wallet is the software you use to send and receive bitcoins — home to the private cryptography key that provides access to your bitcoin, and it’s rather important that you keep this key safe. Bitcoin, the increasingly popular digital currency, works a lot like online cash. When someone steals your bitcoin, the money is gone for good. You can hide your key behind a password on one of the popular online wallet services, but you might want to take additional steps, like hiding it on a piece of paper in your desk drawer here in the real world or using your heartbeat to lock it down on your PC.