New group acts as financially-shielded middleman for WikiLeaks, others

A new coalition of transparency advocates have come together to provide a new way for donors to give money to WikiLeaks and like-minded groups using traditional methods, including credit cards, PayPal and others. The move is the latest way WikiLeaks has been poking holes in its financial blockade.

The newly-minted Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) acts essentially as a shielded middleman for getting money to WikiLeaks, MuckRock, the National Security Archive, and more. On Monday, the group said on Twitter that after more than 24 hours of being up, it received $35,000 in donations.

“What this means is that on people's credit card bills, it will say Freedom of the Press Foundation,” said Micah Lee, the group’s chief technology officer, during a Monday conference call with reporters. “PayPal won't know how much of that goes to WikiLeaks or anyone else.”