Microsoft's security chief on Palladium


L33tdawg: I was with a Sun guy the other evening and he mentioned the somewhat scary notion of Palladium -- hardware that's registered to the OS, which in turn means Microsoft could determine when it's time for you to upgrade your hardware just by telling the OS to not recognize key components on your board. Far fetched? What do you think?

Microsoft's UK chief security officer Stuart Okin has sought to reassure users about its controversial plans for security and digital rights management technology, dubbed Palladium.

Speaking exclusively to, Okin said the plans were at the consultative phase, and Microsoft was looking for industry feedback on how to develop the technology.

He said: "Nothing is set in stone here. The important aspect is for the industry to give us feedback. We're looking at 2004 or 2005 before any technology arrives."

Microsoft's plans are controversial because they can be used as the gateway for 'big brother' technologies that control what you can do on your PC.


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