IsoHunt founder suggests new project on the cards

Bittorrent index IsoHunt has turned 10 years old, and its founder is still fighting off the content industry to keep the website going, according to a post on its forums.

Even noting the content industry's relentless pursuit of websites that make sharing possible - legal or otherwise - Isohunt's founder, Gary Fung, thinks that it is the web, not Big Media, that is winning, TorrentFreak reports.

Fung claimed that his website is not intrinsically linked to any subversive movement, but is instead in the 'culture business' - and that culture, made into files and shared online, should, in his ideal world, be shared as consumers please. "I've fought Hollywood's lawsuit for almost seven years now," he wrote. "It's so ancient it's almost not even worth mentioning". Fung went on to say that he's tired of the squabbling and noted that the only way to move forward as an industry is "with the creators".