IPv6 Under Attack?


L33tdawg: The answer is yes - van Hauser has been pwning IPv6 for a couple of years already

A year ago the world celebrated World IPv6 Launch Day, which was supposed to be the day IPv6 was activated by major Web operators and service providers.

At the time of the launch, there were concerns about whether or not IPv6 was a security risk. As it turns out, at least one high-profile network has been attacked over IPv6 in the past year.

Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare, told eSecurity Planet that while there had been a bit of noise around IPv6-based attacks over the years, about two months ago the noise started to get real. "In the last two months we've seen a number of attacks that have been IPv6 only," Prince said. "The techniques behind those attacks tend to be similar to what we see in the IPv6 world with denial of service and large SYN floods, as well as application layer attacks."