Hololens: Getting Ready For Something Truly Amazing

Microsoft is releasing Hololens to developers in March and they should have their devices by month end.  As part of the announcement they showcased some of the initial tools and games and this got me to thinking about the unusual things this device could enable.   Games we’ve never thought to play before and uses that could be truly amazing.   Let’s talk about some of these.

We’ve played games with Kinect where the Xbox can translate your body into a game controller and capture images but now think about playing games with the Xbox where you were also using an integrated Hololens.  You could actually play tennis with someone in a different country from your room to their room.  It would be like there was a window in your wall where the net was, you could see their room and them and they could see your room and you and the virtual ball would move between both spaces.  Tennis, volleyball, badminton, and Pickle-ball would all work.  You just pick up a racket, put on your Hololens, and link up your Xbox and suddenly where ever the Xbox is your court and you don’t even have to move the furniture because the game will adopt to it.  And if the ball gets away from you and hits a lamp or window it won’t actually break anything.