Employment for security professionals at all-time high


An (ISC)2 survey of 2,256 information security professionals has found that 96 percent of information security professionals are currently employed, with the remainder - just 80 people - unemployed. Half of those unemployed had been made redundant, while the others were jobless for other reasons, such as for relocation or further education.

Only seven percent said that they had been unemployed at any point during 2011. This is despite 27 percent seeing an increase in layoffs in the information security sector, according to (ISC)2's 2012 Career Impact Survey.

Although this is higher than the 20 percent who anticipated redundancies to increase in their organisation in 2010, the global information security professionals' membership body said that the difference this year is that while jobs are being made redundant, workers are going on to find new employment. In 2009, 40 percent had reported redundancies in their organisations.