Calif. begins enforcing law requiring mobile privacy policies

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has begun warning mobile application developers, and companies that have apps available for download, that failing to  "conspicuously" post privacy policies within 30 days could mean fines.

Over the next few weeks, the state Department of Justice will send notification letters to as many as 100 companies and developers that have not complied with the California Privacy Protection Act of 2003.The law requires entities operating mobile and social apps that collect personally identifiable information to post their privacy policy for users to see when they install an app. Failure to comply may result in fines of up to $2,500 per downloaded app that is not compliant.

California, a state known for pioneering privacy mandates like the landmark 2003 breach notification bill, SB-1386, entered into an agreement in February with operators of mobile app platforms to improve privacy protections for users.