Cable modem owners hack for free cable TV

Drawing on old-school methods to splice cable TV lines for unauthorized use, hackers say they can buy a splitter at the local electronics store and easily run an additional line from the cable modem (news - web sites) line for the computer into the television. Without a set-top box, the result is free, basic, analog cable; with an illegal converter or set-top, hackers say they have access to premium channels such as HBO and Showtime.

"I only get (basic) cable. I don't subscribe; it just comes to my house along with the cable modem signal," said Noah, who wished to keep his last name anonymous. He saves roughly $40 a month on cable but spends about $42 a month on Internet access.

"Lots of people do this if all you want is analog cable," he said. "All cable services are run through the same line; they can't just cut power to analog cable and still give you a cable modem."

Cable operators have battled this form of piracy for years, but it's taking on new urgency in the race to build high-speed Internet service. Broadband providers are struggling with costs, with AT&T just last week instituting a price increase for cable modem customers.

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ALL of you are missing the important point: legality.

Time for a quick history lesson on the grand subject, telecommunications, because from a legal standpoint they're one in the same.

From the inception of the telephone until the 1970's, AT&T owned all the lines and all the phones, even all the equipment in your house / business.

But then greed took hold. (like it wasn't already there!)

The telco's realized that if they owned the lines and phones in residences and businesses, they couldn't charge for repairing those systems. So laws were changed and a new term was added to our vocabulary:

Demarcation Point

Effectively it means where their equipment ends and yours begins. In the case of CATV and P.O.S.T., that would be the grounding device mandated by the N.E.C.

ANYTHING after that point is yours. If you want to split the cable 15 ways or add 20 phones, you can legally do it.

You can see a reference to this in the begining of your local phone book. Just look for the section \"What to do if your phone stops working\" or whatever they call it. Somewhere it says \"If it's on your property, you're getting a bill.\" and should reference the federal law in addition to informing you that you have the option of using someone other than the telco for repairs.

The same rules apply for C.A.T.V. That's why Best Buy can come out and hook up your home theater system.

If the cable company is to lazy, cheap or stupid to filter out TV signals from their broadband only customers (which most are), you do not alter THEIR equipment in any way, and you pay for the service drop from the pole to the demarcation point, then where is the crime?

But if you want free HBO you're S.O.L.

\"I will rip your balls off so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world!\"

I just moved into an apartment where I had free cable. I wanted cable internet so I called Time Warner and got cable internet, the tech came while I was away and connected the modem to a different outlet in the apartment and now the outlet I have TV doesn't get cable... sort of. It does get three channels in (ch. 2, 3, and 4) very clearly one of which is the showtime family channel. Any idea what happened or how I might be able to get cable again with my current setup?

Hi, you can find the tool to unlock the Cable grey plastic box at this address and also by looking at EBay. Cable Termination Tool Used to unlock and remove cable TV terminators ~ those pesky things that spin and spin when you attempt to remove them. 7-inch termination tool for use with Gilbert locking terminators Long-lasting steel ears are guaranteed for one year. Only $25.99

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I bought one myself and used it again this week after the cable guy came to my house to install a filter because I told him all I wanted was the Basic cable. When he left I opened the box and removed the filter so I can get full analog cable for the price of the Basic cable.

I hope that can help you all with this issue.

Well I work for cable company and I do have all the tools needed for installation of cable service including Television, Modem and Digital Phones, if you want to buy some of the tools for TV please message me I will give you a guide on how to use the tools and guide how to hook your TV up from cable modem outlet and to untrap filters