ATi Mobillity RADEON First Glimpse

Gone are the days of puny 4mb or less video cards on notebooks. ATi has for quite awhile now offered the M4 32MB for notebook configurations, but doesn't a "Radeon Inside" sound good to you? Check out the article over here.


3 comments for 'ATi Mobillity RADEON First Glimpse'

boy if i could get a powerfull labtop, with that gpu in would be perfect. small gaming machine..Good for lan parties forget bringing your whole computer

Still doesn't quite cut it when compared to a desktop. Maybe it's just me, I don't really fancy sitting around playing Quake or Counter Strike on a laptop. Then again, I don't play that much, and I suck at games big time so what do I know *lol*

bah it's still a big move forward for laptops...they will become cheaper if they become the equivlient to desktops on battres...