Anonymous’ #OpTrump isn’t a ‘war,’ it’s a nail in the coffin of the encryption debate

Anonymous declaring war on things is becoming rather blasé.

In December it declared war on Donald Trump, before that ISIS, and if you want to go back even further we’ve seen operations aimed at combatting the KKK, Scientology, Syria, and The Westboro Baptist Church.

“War” in this case is a call to arms that accompanies a threat to ‘dismantle’ Trump’s campaign by taking his websites offline with a large-scale and orchestrated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. The operation kicked off with a video (below) that calls on people to “shut down his websites” and “expose what [Trump] doesn’t want the public to know.” It’s basically the rallying cry for any Anonymous “war” these days — the equivalent of making a proclamation of “war” and then watching while Call of Duty players fight it for you.