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AlienVault Launches Social Platform for Threat Intel

posted onApril 15, 2015
by l33tdawg

Information sharing on cybersecurity is an increasing focus for the security community, vertical markets and the federal government, with much debate as to how to best architect systems for doing so. AlienVault is taking an unusual tack, and has announced the beta release of Open Threat Exchange (OTX) 2.0, a social media platform for the security community to share threat intelligence for collaborative cyber-defense.

OTX is a crowd-sourced threat intelligence-sharing system, with members so far contributing 1 million threat indicators per day. This second iteration represents a big shift from the traditional contribution-based model for sharing threat intelligence, and the company said that it hopes that building OTX 2.0 on a foundation of a social networking architecture will allow the OTX community—which has 26,000 participants—to actively discuss, explore, validate and share the latest threat data, trends, techniques and research.



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