‘Cybercafe gang’ strikes in Malaysia

Late-night Internet surfers in Malaysia are being robbed by armed thieves who strip their victims and lock them in toilets before escaping, a local newspaper reported on Monday.

The Cybercafe Gang has ripped off cash, jewelry and mobile phones in the early morning heists in Selangor state surrounding Kuala Lumpur, state police chief Mangsor Ismail told the Star.

Maybe L33tdawg can shed a little more light on this subject.

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I can't say that I've heard about this yet, but then again, I just woke up and the first thing I do is check the site and perhaps post a little news. I'll take a look around and perhaps get back to all of you a little later. If anyone else happens to find out something, just post a comment.

One of the first places that got hit by this gang of perverted thieves was Pasadena.com down in SS15, along the same row as Ravi's mamak. Seems that they took money from everyone (who in a cybercafe wouldn't be loaded), found a pretty little lady who models part-time, and got a little horny. One of the thieves supposedly dragged her off to the toilet at the back for a little action before being disturbed by his accomplices to leave before the police came. Guess the little lady must have gone to church in the morning. GG LITTLE LADY.

Is that REALLY true?! Cause it sounds more like one of those stories parents tell their kids to keep them from going to the 'evil' cybercafe -- where there's gambling, smoking, drinking, and all sorts of unmentionable vices! Lol. But seriously, the part about dragging a girl to the back blah blah blah seems a little too strange, but I guess it could happen - what with all the perverted assholes commiting crimes these days.