Anonymous says it hacked 10M PSN accounts; Sony disagrees

Anonymous claims to have struck again as far as the Sony PlayStation Network is concerned, but the whole matter appears to be a hoax.

A tweet posted on Wednesday to the Twitter account of the infamous international hacker group asserted that the PlayStation Network had been hacked again.

Kotaku also linked to a tweet that reportedly read 10 million PSN accounts were at risk, but that tweet has since been deleted. However, it's possible that these tweets were deleted because the claims were unsubstantiated. Shane Bettenhausen, who works in Sony's business development unit retaliated on his on Twitter account, retorted by arguing that the claims were false.

1 comment for 'Anonymous says it hacked 10M PSN accounts; Sony disagrees'

Well well well, deny deny deny. How surprising.

How can you deny it so fast? It's technically impossible to rule out a hack in so short time. No investigating has been finished by now, yet they deny.

And twitter... How much can we trust them, now that they have completely and officially folded to censorship? Maybe the post was just removed on sony request. That's all it takes these days.

I don't believe anyone until we get some more facts. Or until Sony shuts down their network in another embarassing "oops" or another "oh, we're just doing some upgrades..." - to become a "see how evil these nonymouses are!" (if all else fails,blame someone)