Intel Planning Rival To Raspberry Pi?

Intel has unveiled a new platform called "Next Unit of Computing" (which reminds us of the Next Galaxy). The NUC as it is known  was unveiled a couple of weeks ago and packs a Core i3/Core i5-based computer in a 100mm x 100mm motherboard, significantly smaller than the 17cm x 17cm of the mini ITX format. 

It comes with two mini PCIe headers, Thunderbolt, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports and two SODIMM memory slots. The enclosure looks quite similar to what you'd expect from the Apple TV which hints at a potential market for the NuC, the home entertainment market where Intel's partnership with Google for the Google TV failed.

Some might argue that Intel might have put forward the NuC to compete with the rising tide of ARM-based base units that will launch on the market fairly soon with the Raspberry Pi being the poster child of this new product range.

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I think, seeing that it's Intel, they could very well 'afford' to sell it at a loss for the first couple of runs if they wanted to - just to gain traction.