BofA blames site slowness on upgrade, says no risk for customers

Bank of America blamed system upgrades and heavier-than-normal traffic for sluggishness that hounded website users for the better part of five days. Spokeswoman Tara Burke said the site was operating normally Thursday.

"It was three things. We’ve been developing and deploying new capabilities for our customers ... migrating online banking to a new platform and we experienced heavier than normal volumes on several days, although these volumes were not beyond our normal capacity," Burke said in a statement to

The timing of the trouble is hard to ignore, as it began almost immediately after Bank of America announced it was adding a $5 monthly fee for account holders who make purchases with their debit card. But Burker reiterated that the slowness was unrelated to the new fee, and that the firm did not suffer from a hacker attack. Some customers who tried logging in this week received a message saying, "We're sorry our site is running slowly. As a result you may experience delays."

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Well, that somehow tells a good news to B of A clients. The system upgrade and developments may show some faster transactions and better service.Yet, that may also tell an increase in banking transactions fees which will only annoy many clients.