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Hacked wireless baby monitor lets pervert spy on and cuss at baby girl

If someone messes with you, that’s one thing, but if someone messes with your kids? Now imagine remote attackers going beyond secretly eyeing the inside of your house via your wireless camera, to spying on and cursing at your child via the wireless baby monitor.Hacked wireless baby monitor lets pervert spy on and cuss at baby Oh it's on then; time to open a can of whoop-ass and bring it to the perverted voyeur.

Most families with a baby have a baby monitor and some of those include a camera so parents can keep an eye on their little one. ABC News reported on a Houston family who had their baby monitor hacked.

The attacker knew the two-year-old girl’s name because he saw Allyson spelled out on the wall in her room. She did not respond to the hacker’s vileness via the baby monitor because she is deaf and her cochlear implants were turned off at the time.