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Canonical Updates Ubuntu Linux Mobile Installer for Android

Dual-booting Canonical's Ubuntu Linux and Android on tablets and smartphones has moved a small step closer to reality with the release of a new version of the Ubuntu Dual Boot Installer. Codenamed M9, the release offers support for Ubuntu OS upgrades, along with a slew of other enhancements.

Alas, Canonical is keen to emphasize that the Ubuntu Dual Boot Installer is for developers only, and always will be. The company is not building it with the goal of encouraging us plain folk to use it to install Ubuntu on our Android mobile devices.

Still, the tool is an important proving ground for preparing Ubuntu to run well on mobile hardware, which is a central pillar of Canonical's grand vision of "converging" Ubuntu across different types of devices. For that reason, the M9 release of the software is significant as proof of Canonical's progress toward making dual-boot Ubuntu and Android devices a reality.